3 Ways to Ensure Your Mower Is in Perfect Condition

11 May 2018
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Have you noticed that your mower is not working as efficiently as it used to? Many homeowners fail to check the different parts of their mowers to confirm that they are in good condition. As a result, there can be some underlying problems that affect the mower. However, these problems can be avoided by carefully assessing your mower regularly and undertaking basic maintenance. Below are ways you can ensure that your mower is always in perfect working condition. Read More 

Ride-On Mowers: Vital Safety Tips for First-Time Users

12 February 2018
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Racing ride-on mowers seems to contradict the principle of using such a device safely. This is especially true when you learn that Australia's first known ride-on mower race took place in 1978 after the consumption of what was presumably rather a lot of alcohol. When you get your first ride-on mower, the idea of driving it as fast as it can go isn't going to be practical or safe. Racing a mower is another kettle of fish altogether, and when you use a ride-on mower for the first time, your primary concern should be safety. Read More