3 Ways to Ensure Your Mower Is in Perfect Condition

11 May 2018
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Have you noticed that your mower is not working as efficiently as it used to? Many homeowners fail to check the different parts of their mowers to confirm that they are in good condition. As a result, there can be some underlying problems that affect the mower. However, these problems can be avoided by carefully assessing your mower regularly and undertaking basic maintenance. Below are ways you can ensure that your mower is always in perfect working condition.

Sharpening the blade

The blade on the device is directly used for cutting grass or trimming your hedges. After intensive use over several months, the blade becomes blunt and this makes it difficult to work properly. This can be very frustrating since mowing your lawn can take a longer time than in the past. Instead of thinking about getting a new mower, you can solve this problem by sharpening the blade on your machine. Once done, this will restore your mower to perfect condition and ensure the mowing is flawless.

Conduct a physical check

The moving parts of a mower are delicate and can easily be damaged. It is therefore important to conduct a physical check of the area that needs to be mowed before you start the work. During this inspection, you should remove any rocks or debris that might be on the ground. An example is a piece of plastic on the ground, this can easily damage the blades of your mower. Such incidences can be costly to repair, and you might be forced to get a new mower. As such, physically inspecting the area to be mowed protects your mower parts from getting damaged by any debris on the site.

Always use genuine parts

One issue that poses a danger to the service life of your mower is using counterfeit parts when you need a replacement. Regardless of the mower brand you have, your dealer should be able to access genuine spare parts from the manufacturer. The problem with counterfeit parts is that they might not be as strong as the genuine parts, so they can easily break down. Additionally, some might not be a perfect fit, and some modifications might be necessary before they are used. These problems can be avoided by getting a product number and requesting the mower parts from your dealer. Alternatively, you can take pictures and show them to your dealer so that they can provide a replacement part.