Avoid These Common Mistakes When Caring for Your Property’s Landscaping

12 July 2017
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The landscaping of your property is very important as it adds to your home's curb appeal while also creating a welcoming and inviting outdoor space. However, not all homeowners are blessed with a green thumb and may make some common mistakes in caring for their landscaping; in turn, they wind up with a patchy lawn, wilted flower bushes and even dead and decaying trees. Note a few of those common mistakes here so you can avoid them yourself, and remember that it may be worth the investment to hire a professional landscaper if your property's greenery still struggles to thrive. Read More 

How are the costs of excavating a yard calculated?

31 May 2017
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When you are planning a yard renovation one of the unavoidable costs can come from the cost of excavation (that is unless you are a very enthusiastic shoveler!). Here are some tips on how the cost is calculated and some ways that you can control the cost:  Equipment hire:; One of the largest costs of excavation is the cost of hiring the equipment. In general, equipment is hired for 1/2 or full days so it can be a good idea to ensure that you consolidate any jobs that need to same equipment to occur on the same day. Read More 

Kikuyu: The Perfect Grass for a Family Lawn

28 April 2017
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Keeping a lawn looking like something to be proud of is a real challenge, especially in the hot, dry summer. All the mowing to maintain the perfect length, constant watering to stop it from drying out and going brown, and that's not even taking into account all the stress grass has to put up with. If you've got kids, they'll want to play outside, and that means your lawn is going to take a beating. Read More 

Why Do Natural Paving Stones Have an Edge Over Concrete?

24 February 2017
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When you want to improve the interior and exterior value and appearance of your home, you need to pay attention to the kind of paving material you use. In such cases, you have a choice to make between natural and man-made stones. But what is the difference between these two materials? What advantage do natural stones have over concrete? The remaining sections of this article will furnish you with compelling answers and reasons why nature provides you with a better paving material. Read More 

Ideas To Reawaken Your Garden

12 April 2016
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In most cases, people plan the design and layout of their garden in a permanent way. This means that your garden will remain the same unless circumstances force you to change it. However, the same look for your outdoors year after year can become extremely monotonous and boring. Below are some great garden landscaping ideas that will give your outdoors new life and won't require you to undo your entire garden. Read More