Are You Ready For Your Lawns Explosive Growth This Summer?

16 September 2022
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Every time winter rolls around in Australia, the amount and frequency of garden work you have to keep up with drops dramatically. After all, in the cool air and dryer conditions not a lot of plants flourish, but it is not cold enough for most of them to die either. Instead, most plants, including your grass, simply exist in a kind of hibernation, which is very easy to maintain and quite enjoyable to look at still. The problem is that far too often people will get too comfortable and forget that summer means an explosion in growth by their plants, particularly when it comes to their lawn.

A Perfect Mixture Of Water, Sunshine And Warmer Conditions

After months of receiving very little stimulus, your grass finally has access to all the warmth, sunlight and water it could possibly need. Your grass, depending on the species, can grow several centimetres a week, and that is likely what it would grow in a couple of months during winter. You need to be ready to handle it or you can find yourself very quickly with a garden that is completely out of control and in need of professional help. The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have the right lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Sales

Lawn mowers are an essential component of any family's fight against overgrown gardens,  and right now many are on sale before the season of explosive growth fully gets underway. When looking for a lawn mower you should consider a few things: the power source, the ease of use features and the quality of construction. Choosing an electric lawn mower not only means it is cheaper, but also that it is quieter, better for the environment and less smelly. It also often means it is stronger, which is a new addition to the arsenal of electric lawn mowers that they couldn't claim before.

Consider Upgrading

If you have been using a petrol-based lawn mower for many years now then it may be time to upgrade. Lots of electric lawn mowers not only work better, but are easier on your hands, with the ability to help push themselves forward over tricky patches of grass or uphill, mulching features that reduce the amount of grass waste coming out the back and even more customisable heights so that you can get the exact trim that you want. There is no better time than now to check out one of the many lawn mower sales most companies have on. 

Visit a gardening store to find lawn mowers for sale today.