Avoid These Common Mistakes When Caring for Your Property's Landscaping

12 July 2017
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The landscaping of your property is very important as it adds to your home's curb appeal while also creating a welcoming and inviting outdoor space. However, not all homeowners are blessed with a green thumb and may make some common mistakes in caring for their landscaping; in turn, they wind up with a patchy lawn, wilted flower bushes and even dead and decaying trees. Note a few of those common mistakes here so you can avoid them yourself, and remember that it may be worth the investment to hire a professional landscaper if your property's greenery still struggles to thrive.

Not collecting leaves

You may enjoy the look of fallen leaves on your property and may assume that these leaves work as a type of mulch for the lawn. This actually isn't the case as those leaves can hold too much moisture on their underside so that your property's grass becomes brown and wilted. That extra moisture can even lead to mould under the leaves and be a breeding ground for insects that damage your lawn. Rake those leaves or use a mulching mower to shred them into tiny pieces that still allow air and sunlight to pass through so they don't choke out the property's lawn and landscaping.

Too much fertiliser

Fertiliser may be needed to give plants added nutrition, but it's not something that plants need on a regular basis. Each type of plant, flower and turf grass will need fertiliser spread on a certain schedule, depending on the sunlight your property gets and the condition of the soil. Be sure you research the needs of your lawn and landscaping in particular when it comes to fertiliser, and don't assume that spreading constantly will somehow be better for your property.

Ignoring trees

The trees on your property can greatly affect your landscaping as healthy roots of trees hold moisture in the soil and keeps it well-watered. However, trees can also become host to insects that may damage the landscaping; one tree that is infested with termites can soon mean that all your trees, and even shrubbery, is soon infested! Overgrown trees block out sunlight that your lawn and landscaping need to grow, whereas trees that don't provide any shade can allow grass and flowers to wilt under hot summertime sun. Consult with a home landscaping service as needed to ensure the trees on your property are healthy and so that the rest of the landscaping is healthy as well.