Ideas To Reawaken Your Garden

12 April 2016
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In most cases, people plan the design and layout of their garden in a permanent way. This means that your garden will remain the same unless circumstances force you to change it. However, the same look for your outdoors year after year can become extremely monotonous and boring. Below are some great garden landscaping ideas that will give your outdoors new life and won't require you to undo your entire garden.

Change the Lighting 

Lighting is a great way to reawaken your garden. If you don't have decorative lighting in your garden, then introduce it. However, if you have a garden that is lit up already, then change your lighting and introduce something unique or edgy. Remember that doing this may take more than just adding a few bulbs here and there.

First, you need a plan that accounts for how you use your lawn. For example, you can have lights planted in the lawn to light it up so that your kids can play soccer or handball in the late evenings. After that plan the kind of lighting you want.  Opt for low voltage lights. You may also want to use solar power for your outdoor lighting.

Lighting options include lit pots, lights planted in a tree or shrub and lights at the base of a wall facing upwards to light up the wall. Consult a landscaping professional and discover how best to light up your outdoors.

Introduce Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and pebbles come in varying shapes, sizes and textures. You can use small-sized pebbles to cover the soil on your flower pots. Also, you can change the appearance of your driveway and give it a different color and appeal by re-carpeting it with crushed stone.

Besides introducing some rocks and pebbles, give them some color. There are different ways you can color them, for example, you can color half the pebbles white and the others blue, and then mix them together before you use them. You can also spruce up the design some more by using the pebbles to mark pathway boundaries and any other boundaries in your compound.

Patterned Designs

Is your lawn all green and plain? Well, it doesn't have to be plain. Create some interesting patterns using pebbles or pavers. You can cement in pebbles in box shapes and align them such that they appear as steps from one end to the other. This pattern can be laid down at the edges or the middle of your lawn.

You can also opt for a more edgy design, where you plant in big rocks at a corner of your lawn. The glamor in this design comes in because the rocks will be painted as a fruit or animal, for example, you can have them as strawberries or apples. Also, you can have one big rock that will be painted as a mother duck, and smaller rocks surrounding it painted as its ducklings.

There are numerous landscaping ideas and tips you can adopt to bring back life to your outdoors or make your lawn more unique and interesting than before.