Control algae in your water fountain with these easy steps

5 April 2016
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Water fountains provide a beautiful feature for any yard, giving you something lovely to look at and listen to. Unfortunately, there is the risk of algae forming if you don't clean and maintain it properly. Here are some tips for controlling algae growth in your water fountain

Keep the Fountain in the Shade

An easy way to prevent algae growth on your water fountain is to move it to an area in your yard with more shade. Algae grows due to white scales on the fountain, which tend to grow more quickly when the fountain gets direct sunlight. If the fountain can be moved close to a tree with large branches that cover it at least slightly, you will notice that the algae growth is far slower. You can also put the fountain underneath an arbor or other tall yard feature. This adds another decorative element to your backyard without increasing your risk for algae.

Use Distilled Water in the Fountain

Water features used outdoors should have the water replaced regular, and preferably with distilled water. You need to purchase distilled water from the store instead of being able to get it from your tap, so this is a better option if your fountain is on the smaller side. Either way, make sure you are adding fresh water to the fountain on a regular basis. The older and dirtier the water gets in the fountain, the more likely it is to develop algae. Distilled water is great because it is already cleared of impurities that might have otherwise caused the algae to grow.

Clean the Fountain Regularly

Naturally, you also need to clean the fountain on a regular basis. You should decide on the frequency based on the size of the fountain and whether or not algae growth has been a problem in the past. If it seems prone to algae, cleaning it more often is a good idea. You want to not only have fresh water, but to clean out the water filter and make sure the pump is kept clean. If the fountain has rocks or stones, those should be rinsed when you are cleaning the fountain. A wet-vac is good for cleaning out a fountain, though smaller ones can be cleaned right in your bathroom sink. Use mild soap and a soft sponge to clean the fountain thoroughly. Make sure all the soap is rinsed thoroughly before you add more water to the outdoor fountain.