Three Ways to Use the Tree Stump in Your Yard

24 March 2016
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If you recently cut a tree down in your yard, you are probably wondering what to do with the tree stump. While removing the stump is an option, there are also some other ways you can use the stump by leaving it where it is. Here are some of your options.

Use it As a Side Table

The first way to use a tree stump in your yard without removing it is to use it as a side table. The size of the stump will determine the type of table you can create with it. By leaving it in the ground, you are able to create a little sitting area that surrounds it. If it is close to your garden area, it can be a cozy spot where you enjoy the scent of your roses and the natural beauty of your vegetable garden. If the tree stump is out near the back of your yard, you can create a quiet, private retreat where you set a little bench or a couple chairs around the tree stump, using it as a table for your beverage and snacks. When using it as a table, you can either leave it natural and simply clean it off, or you can place something on top to appear more like a table, such as a piece of glass approximately the same size, or a food tray placed on top.

Convert the Stump Into a Planter

Another great idea is to convert the tree stump into a planter of sorts. To do this, you will need to hollow out the stump as far down as you desire, depending on what you plan to plant inside of it. You can plant flowers, plants, or a collection of your favorite succulents. First drill a hole inside or hollow it out with a chisel. Next, add some soil and seeds or transplant flowers or plants that are already grown. You can then water them as needed. It provides a beautiful, natural planter for anything you choose to display in your backyard.

Leave it As a Sitting Area

The tree stump can also be used as somewhere for people to sit when they want to enjoy your backyard or garden. If you have multiple trees cut down in the same area, that will work even better. Clean each of the stumps off and sand the top of them until they are flat and smooth. This will make it more comfortable for sitting. You can also place cushions on top if you choose to.

For more ideas and tips, contact local landscaping companies.