Reasons to Use Commercial Synthetic Grass for Landscaping

9 March 2016
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Synthetic grass is quickly becoming extremely popular in Australia as a practical and attractive landscaping solution in urban environments. Companies and councils are benefiting by having green lawns in the midst of the concrete jungle. Synthetic lawns are also perfect for housing developments where section sizes are tiny and low-maintenance gardens are preferred. You can transform your balcony, terrace and patio into miniature green areas for tranquility and relaxation. The following are some of the benefits of commercial synthetic grass over the natural grass for particular lawns and landscapes:

  1. Low Maintenance: Synthetic lawns are highly cost effective when it comes to long term maintenance. It saves you the high expense of commercial landscaping, land mowing, fertilizing, and general upkeep that would cost thousands of dollars annually for a number of commercial properties in Australia. Irrigation is another huge expense for commercial properties you will virtually eliminate with the use of commercial artificial grass.
  2. Useful in Areas that are Difficult to Access: There are areas that may be difficult to access to carry out tedious maintenance associated with natural lawns, such as watering. These are central reservations like traffic islands, airports, military bases, roadway medians, government facilities, shopping center medians, urban buildings, schools and shopping complexes. The artificial grass may be used literally anywhere the natural grass will not work, like in these areas. These may also include rooftops, steep slopes, indoors, or heavily shaded areas. Synthetic grass also provides an attractive and quiet environment for internal areas like concourses and atriums, meeting and greeting areas and so on.
  3. Tough and Durable: Commercial synthetic grass is excellent for forming distinctive settings that will showcase your company, simulating the lash outdoor environment while offering the durability required to withstand the high level of foot traffic. It is sensible for childcare centers, community playgrounds/parks, and any high-use area where safety considerations and low maintenance costs are critical. It also provides beautiful green grass throughout the year regardless of the diverse weather or drought conditions. The grass will be available for use throughout, and there is no waiting time for grass to grow or break time to re-grow after excessive use.
  4. Clean Environment: No matter the climate, synthetic lawns may be used immediately after a heavy downpour or precipitations without the dirt and mud. The benefits of weed free and mowing free lawn also keeps the areas clean and glittering all year long. It is also pet and child friendly, keeping your lawn natural and super clean.

Install your new commercial synthetic lawn today and combine it with your unique landscaping design to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of commercial landscaping.