Make Your Lawnmower as Environmentally Friendly as Possible

15 October 2021
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A riding lawnmower is essential for bigger yards. A walk-behind mower just can't cut enough grass at once to make it worth using; you'd end up spending so much time trying to cut grass with that, that you'd eventually tear out the lawn out of frustration. With a riding lawnmower, however, you could cover a larger lawn without taking most of the day to do it. However, riding lawnmowers use motors, and gas mowers, in particular, can add to air pollution as they burn fuel. Read More 

Recommendations To Apply And Use Mulch In Your Yard Landscaping

9 July 2021
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Mulch in your yard is beneficial in many ways. It protects the soil, provides nutrients to plants, and keeps down weed growth. Here are some recommendations for you to install mulch in your yard for a beneficial and beautiful landscape. Choose the Mulch Type There are many types of mulch materials for your landscape and garden areas. No matter the type of mulch, you can improve the appearance of your landscaped areas, protect the soil against erosion and dehydration from the sun's heat, and improve the condition of and nutrients in the soil. Read More 

Ways to Use Stone and Rock in Your Garden

9 April 2021
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If you want to improve your garden and complement its plants and flowers, why not incorporate rock and stone into the design? Consider the following ideas for your property. Gravel Pathways and Patios For a rustic and classic look, install a gravel patio or pathway. A compacted base will be laid underneath to stabilise the surface. Then, on top, you can add decorative gravel to harmonise with your home and garden. Read More