When Do I Need a Land Survey Done?

18 March 2016
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Homeowners no doubt rarely think of getting a land survey done, but this can be necessary in order to know the exact boundaries of your property. In some cases, even if your land is marked off by a fence, it's still good to get this survey performed. Note when it can be good to call a surveyor and why you may need one for your property.

1. When your property taxes seem too high, or too low

If your property taxes have recently adjusted and they seem too high, you may be getting taxed for more land than you own, or land that you don't realize is part of your property boundary. A land survey can tell you the exact boundaries of your property for which you're paying property tax. If your land survey doesn't agree with the tax assessor's office, another land survey might be done to establish those boundaries and adjust your taxes, or you might have reason to speak to a property attorney.

If your property taxes seem too low, it could be that you assume your property extends past a certain point when it does not. This can be a problem if you ever decide to put up a fence, install a pool, or even plant a tree, and you encroach on your neighbor's property. If your property taxes have been reevaluated and they don't seem correct to you, have an exact land survey done so you know you're not making assumptions about your property line.

2. If you're thinking of selling your home

Before you put your home on the market, you want to ensure it gets properly appraised, and this should be done for the actual property and not just the house itself. A land survey will ensure that boundaries for your property are marked off as needed; in turn, potential home buyers will know exactly how much land they're getting with the house itself. This can also alert potential buyers to encroachments they may face with neighbors or that they may need to apply for, if they need to cross a neighbor's property in order to access their own.

Remember that if buyers know that certain natural features are part of the property or can see exactly how far a property extends, this can enhance their appreciation of the outside of the home when they're comparing potential purchases. This can give buyers the information they need to make an offer on your home, and the information you need to set the right price and negotiate.